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Family Bagels of Long Island
8735 Stirling Road, Cooper City , FL   33328    
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 When Neal decided to go into the bagel business he did it for his family, hence the name Family Bagels. In fact, that's Neal and his wife Ro and his sons, Joseph and Michael in the logo. Neal set out to create a place that produces the freshest, most delicious, best bagels in town. The result was a bagel that was good enough for his family and good enough for yours. All of us are so happy to extend our family to include you, are customers. If it's not good enough for our family, it's not good enough for you.
Perfecting our bagels was only the first step. Now, we're pleased to extend our family south in sunny Florida with our friend Steve! Stop in to our Cooper City, Florida store to enjoy our full menu of breakfast and lunch choices and catering options. Our platters and party heroes will complete any gathering. Stop by to join our family and see for yourselves!
 Our bagels are baked fresh daily—and throughout the day—to ensure the freshest possible bagels whenever you stop in. 
 Create your menu from our delicious selection of platters, heroes, salads and desserts. Your guests will rave about the mouth-watering food and spectacular presentation made especially for your event.

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